The Opera Collection
A true classic, an opera uplifts and awes. With intricate patterns evoking the Italian countryside, the Opera Collection takes classic to the next level.
Coming July 15, 2021
954Sicilian Blue
Coming July 15, 2021
955Sicilian Grey
Coming July 15, 2021
961Dark Venetian
Coming July 15, 2021
962Light Florentine

Core Technology

A stage is as sound as its foundation, as strong as its core, and as stylish as its surface.


A symphony is as memorable as its finish.
EnCore™ Technology is a bespoke 4x UV coat plus ceramic bead finish for super-max strength and quality.


A composition is as strong as its bassline.
CorePrit™ Technology is a white limestone core essence that is the spine of our product


The underlayer should never be underappreciated or underestimated
CoreSet™ Technology is a subtle, adhering material that grounds every plank.

Core Advantages

More Beautiful
our unique manufacturing process guarantees the beauty of each surface, truly resembling real wood or stone.
All Lucida products (save for the real-wood TimberCore) are 100% waterproof