The Baritone Collection
Deep and comforting, the baritone leads with suave rhythm. The chorus ensues with refined grace and soothing melody. With each stone, marble, or wood inspired hexagon tile, a comforting tone is found.
Coming July 15, 2021
4152Gray Quartz
Coming July 15, 2021
4153Charcoal Quartz
Coming July 15, 2021
4154Bone Quartz
Coming July 15, 2021
4156Blanco Ibiza
Coming July 15, 2021
4160Tundra Gray
Coming July 15, 2021
4161Balsam Poplar
Coming July 15, 2021
4162Heritage Oak

Core Technology

A stage is as sound as its foundation, as strong as its core, and as stylish as its surface.


A symphony is as memorable as its finish.
EnCore™ Technology is a bespoke 4x UV coat plus ceramic bead finish for super-max strength and quality.


A composition is as strong as its bassline.
CorePrit™ Technology is a white limestone core essence that is the spine of our product


The underlayer should never be underappreciated or underestimated
CoreSet™ Technology is a subtle, adhering material that grounds every plank.

Core Advantages