About Lucida®

Durability Measured in Generations

Our Missions

At Lucida®, our goal is to develop floors that let you live life to the fullest. Our floors help transform your home and business into warm and welcoming spaces where life happens, worry-free. Lucida® floors are designed to last and stay beautiful, up to 10x longer than other brands, and minimize landfill waste to help keep our personal and global environments healthy and beautiful.

Our core values

Time to step up

At Lucida®, we believe it’s time to revolutionize and change the way we design and think about the products we put in our homes and businesses. By creating more durable, healthier and eco-friendly floors, we hope to do our share to help transform the throwaway mindset of today to a more reusable and sustainable mindset for tomorrow.

Innovation conquers all

Comfortable spaces allow creativity to flow. Our innovative technologies allow for beautiful, comfortable, seamless floors. All you see – and feel – is the comfort and warmth of a healthy personal or work environment.

Durability at last

When something is truly done right, longevity is measured not merely in decades, but in generations. So go ahead, bring on the kids, the pets and the grandkids and enjoy your spaces, worry-free. Our floors can take it.

Take home – to go

Feel right at home in every living space, even the office. Our beautiful floors help bring the warmth and comfort of home to work.


We are all responsible for the world we live in. Lucida®’s durable and reusable floors, mean less waste in our landfills for an eco-friendly sustainable product. At Lucida®, we are making our mark, without leaving one!